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HyWo SpareParts und Service GmbH

Tel.:+ 49 8039-909 58-0
Fax + 49 8039-909 58-29

Delivery only to EU member states!

mail: info.h@hywo.com

Your Partner for Forklift Spare Parts and Forklift Equipment. Also for older models of many manufacturers.

Currently we deliver to EU member states only

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We are specialized in the distribution of spare parts and accessories for forklift trucks( fork-lift truck, lift trucks, Hand Pallet Trucks, telescopic-trucks ) and their attachments. Many components from the forklift sector are also used in agricultural machinery, construction machinery and commercial vehicles.

Take advantage of the possibility to obtain replacement parts and spare parts in best quality from Hywo Parts & Service GmbH  at favorable conditions from a single source.

You will find our specialist company on the B15 between Wasserburg and Rosenheim (GERMANY-BAVARIA)

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